Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summertime in the City

Now i aint posting this on no glamorizing shit......but this shit kinda disturbed me...and the story goes......

DETROIT - Seven teenagers are shot at a bus stop in Detroit, victims of what's believed to be a planned hit. As they lay in hospital beds, police are searching for the gunmen currently loose on the streets. There have been no arrests, and authorities are working to enhance surveillance video.
Two young men used a Shell gas station at the corner of West Warren and Southfield in Detroit to scope out their target. Police say they covered their faces, pulled out their guns, walked over to a nearby bus stop, called out a name and then fired a barrage of bullets into the crowd, shooting seven teens. Six of them are students at Cody Ninth Grade Academy ranging in age from 14 to 17 years old.
Police have now confiscated a surveillance video recorded at the Shell station and are using it to track down the shooters believed to be in their teens.
Authorities are still actively looking for the shooters who took off running down Longacre, hopped into a green minivan and sped away. Dogs were brought in to search for the suspects and their weapons. While that effort was unsuccessful, police did eventually locate a green minivan a mile away on Joy Road. Evidence technicians examining the vehicle to see if this is the same one used in the getaway.
This shooting was the second in two weeks a Detroit public high school offering summer classes. Witnesses tell FOX 2 the shooting was retaliation from a previous argument.
"We have not confirmed where this all initiated from. We're investigating that as we speak," said Detroit Police Dep. Chief Rod Liggons.
Police have still not released the names of the seven victims, four males and three females, nor have they released the surveillance video.
A Detroit Police source tells FOX 2 that two of the teens are in critical condition and another is in temporary serious condition at Sinai-Grace Hospital. In total, paramedics brought two boys, ages 14 and 16, and a girl, age 17, to Sinai-Grace.
Three other teenage students were taken to Henry Ford Dearborn Hospital. A fourth, 19-year-old victim is also being treated, but it is unknown if he is a student. FOX 2 has been able to confirm that all four victims brought to that hospital have non-life threatening injuries.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bat For Lashes-Daniel

Bumping Danny Brown in "the hood"


So if its 2 lines that im totally feeling this summer i have to say WeSC and KR3W they are releasing dope shit at an alarming rate...and u can find some pretty cheap pieces on karmaloop...
Last year i was heavy into the street brands like 10Deep and Crooks and Castles which im totally still a fan of both...but i really like the "urban couture grown man look with a hip twist" that WeSC presents...and i like the straight up goin all out confidence of KR3w....both are reasonable in their prices and WeSC really makes these dope jeans that come in a shoebox....gotta love the packaging right ....and KR3W really has some dope acessories also...just remember who told u so...

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Good Luck, Get Money" (c)Damon Dash

So it goes in October of 2004 i went to New York to meet with with an Roc-A-Fella A&R with hopes of getting a record deal...i just got evicted from apartment my baby moms was in the process of leaving me...i wasnt hustling ....i was a bum ass nigga at the time...i had a military jacket couple pair of levi's ...a few lacoste shirts and a pair of Lebron James 2's that i spent my last on....tho niggas at the label wasnt feelin my fashion sense...they couldnt front on my skills and helped me record this project that i called "Browntown".....cause with this album i was bringing u into Brown's posting this because im on the verge of recording "Browntown 2".....crazy right....i have so many projects in the works i got enough work for 2 years ....but yeah u can be expecting D.S.O.M 4 and Browntown 2....gotta catch people up b4 The Hybrid drops.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pretty Ugly

Bro.....imma go back to 2000 when i first heard this nigga...still in my hustling days...bout the time napster was popping....and i heard this nigga from Philly named Pretty Ugly aka Tha Boy Papes...heard em on a Strecth Armstrong mixtape....and most might remember him from GTA 3 with Royce the 5'9.....but anyway this niggas is the truth...havent heard anything new from him in a while...and hope if anyone aint up on him get hipped...his old shit is still killing niggas ......niggas new shit aint fucking with P.U. old shit..!!

Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid

so i have my own sneaker, ... just joking ...i am so not a "sneakerhead".....I am at the point in fashion where confidence exceeds expensive i use to think it was dope according to the cost...and knowing not many people will have the same pieces i got cause they kinda now im into some straight up shit u cant get/find.....i go to alot of thrift stores looking for that one flannel...or crazy jacket right now im not into purchasing gym shoes every weekend like i did in my hustling i walk around with the same pair of dusty vans on....cause my face is worth more than whats on my look at me from the face down...not the kicks up!!!!....but these are dope prolly wont cop em but they do get the co sign

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A year + A day = Prison Time...1 year anniversary of Hot Soup

Yep its a classic....
Say what u want but on July 1st 2008 i released in my opinion my opus...this album was about the one thing that made me who i was about everything that was goin on in my life at the time...the story of Hot Soup actually starts in the year of 2002....fresh off a distribution and manufacturing case that i got probation for i decided to stop hustling and start doing what i felt i was put on this planet for and thats record when i started i hooked up with the Eastside Chedda Boyz .....word...i was cool with Tuff Tone me and him use to battle everyday in high school(Northwestern) be exact..and when the song "Oh Boy" took off i hooked up with him to use they studio and start was a good look...but we all know the production style of The Chedda Boyz really didnt sit to well with i was looking for some dope producers which lead me to meeting Bird....who was Denaun Porter's understudy at the time...he gave me a sweet deal on some beats and i started recording in a studio that him and Denaun shared in Greenfield Plaza....Which i titled "Hot Soup"...which the title is actually a play on "Illmatic"....the story of the title of Illmatic is that is was some type of lunchbox/cooler type joint called "Chillmatic"....but the c and h was missing and Nas thougt that was a dope word...and i was like shit chill which is i said hot ...and thouth about all the words that goes with it...after a couple wack ones...i came up with soup...which took on its own meaning to me...the quote is "when u get sick of wack music, get some Hot Soup".....sad to say that project never saw the light of spins in my hood which some say that was the illest shit i did...which i think its the wackest....but i scrapped it and started working on the Resevor album which i will blog about after all the shit we did with the Resevor album which was getting a meeting with
Roc-a-Fella was that Hot Soup album that got them to start fucking wit me....i recorded another album titled "Browntown" that never saw the light of day ....smh @ Roc a Fella
which i will post after i got home from NY caught another case and had to do 8 months...i wrote non stop in jail ....and pretty much wrote Hot and Speed planned on making this album in 2003 January of 2008 we decided that we was gonna finally make the album that we wanted to hear...we would talk all the time about making a album strictly dedicated to Detroit music done very classy that sounds dirty and brought drama and comedy at the same after DSOM 3 which i recorded 3 songs off of Speed beats...we had our Speed started making beats 24/7 and we was working on this album from Jan-June...i had started back hustling so i took whatever i could stack up and put it all into that album which was every bit of $3500 and havent looked back since....i havent sold a bag since then...and every now and then i will shoot a lil move nothing serious tho...cant say i went cold turkey but i been way more focused on i wanna thank u to everyone that supported it....

"Turn my Headphones up Son"

So this is the vids of the show i did in LA at was dope i had a good time in Cali and cant wait to go back...shout out to erybody that showed me love when i was out there...the only problem was the mic went out at the show...and we had to use headphones...which to my surprise sounded wayyyy better than the mic...Shout out to Houseshoes for putting it all together....also its a sneak peek at "The Hybrid" in which i performed a song from it titled "Metal Gear Solid"...enjoy

Metal Gear Solid sneak peak of The Hybrid

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"ughhh nigga u gay" (c)Riley

As long as i can remember i was the biggest M.J. fan ..... word i had every album(up till Bad)..had the doll.....bed spreads curtains....i dressed like him 3 times for Holloween...use to watch Thriller to go to bed at night...i even just magically appeared home from kindegarden one day and told my moms Mike walked me story i dont remember but i heard that story far to many times) but when i was in 3rd grade i rocked a M.J. tee to school and mad niggas was saying i was gay...and teased me all year for that shit...which is why i dont fuck wit M.J. anymore...but imma say my peace in this blog and i bet them same niggas that called me gay are prolly dick-riding mike right now...but anyway...Thanks Mike for everything u inspired millions (but i still think u touched them kids tho) Rest in Peace and i hope Blanket follows in ya footsteps(minus the molestation shit)R.I.P Micheal Jackson